A new journey begins …


Thanks for joining me!

I’ve called this blog 21stcenturycitizen because that’s who all of us are. By being in this century, here or anywhere on Earth, we are connected in one way or another. No matter how different we are, by virtue of simply belonging to this century, there will be something about each other we can relate with or reach out to. That is what I would like to affirm in this blog.

Our differences may separate and divide us but our commonness can unite and strengthen us as a community and that hopefully is what I would like to achieve through this blog.

So, I’ll be writing about anything and everything but all will have a modern, progressive outlook. I am not one who is pigeon-holed into a stereotype so sometimes I may write something that may not fit into your scheme of things. Bear with me! An occasional jolt hurts no one! It might bring us back to the truth of reality!

I think more people will be able to relate to this blog, so I am looking forward to an interactive comments section.

I’ll upload my post every Friday.


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