Move with those who move with you

Last weekend I attended a writing seminar, and while knowing how to write is nothing new to me, I enjoyed being in the company of like-minded people. People who are open to explore and discover avenues of thought which they want to share by expressing themselves through their talent of writing.

It was very encouraging interacting with the participants of the seminar and connecting with people who also write or want to write. While I didn’t get to know them better the short time we had together was enough for me to feel a sense of belonging and acceptance, something I rarely feel in most groups I join, except in my home! Perhaps, that’s why home is the best place where I write!

I was energised and while doing some of the exercises, my mind opened up to new possibilities. I had written a skeleton of a short story some years back and was wondering how to fill it up. I decided to rework it as an exercise, and the juices began to flow. Soon, I was fleshing out the story and amazed that the ideas were flowing! (When I’m ready to publish that story, I’ll let you, my readers, know.)

Then I realised the full impact of a statement made by one of the seminar presenters, social anthropologist, writer and blogger Dr Melba Maggay of the Phillippines, who said: “Move with those who move with you.”

She said there was no point in struggling with people to change them and make them see your point of view. Just move on to whatever can take you to the next level. As a writer, she understands her role as one who will speak up for those who can’t and strengthen faltering knees so that they stand. But, support is also vital and we find it with people who we can move with and who can move with us.

If we remain in an environment which stifles, clings, drags you down and insists on conformity, we won’t grow. We will only grow in those areas that environment nurtures but not in the areas of development it excludes. By staying in such an environment, we’ll always be in conflict, unable to develop our full, whole potential.

It would be better, then, to leave such a community or group — not to cut ties but to reach outward to the hope that can lead us to a better place or group to grow to our full potential and become whole and real in like company. Whether to live, work or play we need to move with people who will move with us and with whom we can move.



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