One piece of good news

Malaysians have been furious over some of the decisions the Pakatan government had made in the past months. Much of this anger and frustrations have been expressed online and gone viral. Hopefully, the government has realized the need to deliver to its voters.

Despite the rage Malaysians feel and which they have openly expressed, I marvel at the restraint with which they have spoken their minds and hearts.

They haven’t taken to the streets and resorted to violence. They didn’t go on protest marches and riled up public sentiments. They expressed themselves which is their right but made sure it didn’t end up in violence.

Even if they took to the streets it is their right to protest as long as they break no laws. The fact that they didn’t shows they have become politically mature. Perhaps, they will express themselves definitely through the ballot. That may be a better way to express discontent!

Syabas, Malaysians!


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