It’s Christmastime!

That time of the year is on us again! It’s the end of the year, the long school holidays are here and to cap it all is Christmas! So, enjoy it, folks. Not that we should not enjoy ourselves throughout the year, but this is the winding down period of the year when we can relax a bit and see in the Christmas season a reason to spread the cheer around.

But, that does not mean that we forget about all the troubles around us. There are flood victims displaced from their homes, poverty, mental stress, violence, injustice, endless pain … . We are aware and where help is needed we offer it not just at Christmas but all the time. But , at Christmas, we celebrate the birth of the One who brought light to millions over the centuries to push their darkness away.

So, friends, this Christmas, when someone extends a hand to you in the light of the season, don’t hold back or withdraw your hand. Take the hand and let the light drive away your darkness or enjoy the season in comradeship.

So, enjoy the season! Go to a Christmas bazaar. There are many around, google over at Facebook to find one. Go shopping. Christmas is not about shopping but if you have some money to spend because it’s Christmas, spend it wisely and boost the economy! Attend a Christmas party, religious or otherwise. Churches organise Christmas plays and if you want to know what the Christmas story is all about, that’s the place to go to.

I know of two events which I’ll mention here. Calvary Church is presenting its Christmas play, The Star of Christmas, tomorrow and Sunday at the Calvary Convention Centre at Bukit Jalil at 5pm. City Revival Church in Subang Jaya is organising a Christmas charity bazaar at 4.30pm followed by a musical concert, the Melody of Christmas, at 7pm at Holiday Villa on Dec 15.

There are many more such events around you. Look for them and enjoy a little bit of Christmas in your heart!




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