Merry Christmas!

We Malaysians have a characteristic we should be proud of. We are not just tolerant but accommodating of each other’s cultures and religions. When we celebrate our respective festivities and practices, we generally let them be and often join in the celebrations. It’s a national characteristic we should cherish and pass on to the generations to come.

Of course, there will be a few troublemakers who would mar our celebrations and functions and we need to be wary of them and act proactively so that their actions do not cause mass strife. There will also be some in our midst who don’t want to be part of our celebrations. Well, we can leave them alone. If they want to live under a coconut shell and be miserable, that’s up to them. We’ll still extend a hand of greeting to them; if they don’t accept it, that’s ok with us!

So, folks, this Christmas, enjoy the season! It’s meant to be enjoyed by all.

Wishing all of you an enjoyable Christmas, through the tears and the pain. There’s still joy in it for you to make each day more than just bearable.

Merry Christmas, all!


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