Get your flu shots!

We are in the middle of a virulent flu epidemic. It’s all over the news. While this strain of flu is not fatal, it is terribly disabling. One of my friends was hospitalized and another was quarantined at home and was out of commission for nearly two weeks!

Prevention is better than cure, so, folks arm yourselves against the flu. Keep your throat moist by sipping warm water. Don’t stay thirsty, Drink water immediately. It seems a dry throat invites immediate infection. Build your immunity up by eating well, resting and some suggest taking a good supply of vitamins. Wear masks and don’t hang around in crowded places.

Most importantly, get your flu vaccination. It offers 40-60% coverage. So, you might still catch the flu but, at least, there’s a 40-60% chance you won’t get it! A flu shot costs from around RM60 to RM90 and you need to get a shot every year!

Let’s start the year healthy, So, get your flu shot and take care of your health!




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