Stay home and enjoy yourselves!

The only way to beat the covid-19 pandemic is by containment, meaning we shouldn’t get it. The reason is because the human body has no immunity against this virus — according to reports circulating in the media. So folks, let’s beat this illness. Stay home and don’t pass it on!

Stock up your homes with a sufficient supply of food and indoor games like cards. But, don’t panic. Supermarkets and wet markets are open. And there’s always Grab and Food Panda and many other online food stores which deliver food at your doorstep in case of a change or an emergency.

Make sure you wash your hands and clothes with every contact outside of your home. Stay hydrated. Take hot drinks regularly. Keep the throat moist; the hot drinks will wash the virus into your stomach where the gastric juices will destroy it. These are just the basic precautionary steps. By now, most people should know what to do and what not to do when you consider all the info on covid-19 that’s swamping the media!

Outdoor exercises are not allowed. Well, exercise indoor. Google for all sorts of exercises you can do at home. By the end of this containment, we’ll be healthy and fit!

This time closeted at home is also a great opportunity to work at difficult relationships and enjoy being with family.  Enjoy home-cooked meal and bonding times by playing cards or other indoor games. Rest, get enough of sleep.

Keep spirits up! We can come through this!


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