Here’s another case of bad politics

Johor Umno treasurer Md Jais Sarday’s recent remarks as to why Prihatin Nasional (PN) councillors should not leave the coalition reveals very clearly the real reason why the PN government will go to great lengths to ensure it stays in power — they need the government jobs and the pension that follows it!

In a report carried by The Star, Md Jais reminded assemblymen that “they were only entitled to their pension if they completed 36 months in office”! So, the reason to hold office is NOT to serve the people but to get paid!

After 61 years of rule, Umno politicians still are unable to make an honest living on their own and need a government job to survive? Maybe, not just to survive but to live more than just comfortably? Is that the purpose of becoming a politician?

Their mostly rural supporters are scraping the bottom of the barrel to make ends meet and, out of gratitude for the paltry sums of cash put in their hands by their politicians, loyally give to these leaders their votes. But their leaders go around in their Mercedes Benzes and comfortable pay packets at the end of every month and have a pension to look forward to. What kind of future do their supporters face?

Md Jais comments come in the context of the disciplinary action being taken by Bersatu against its former Johor MB Osman Sapian for campaigning for former premier Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s candidate in the Slim by-election. If Osman is booted out of Bersatu, Johor will have a hung state government. PN holds 29 seats while Pakatan Harapan has 27.

So, to avoid a hung government the bait to stop councillors from switching sides is a pension? We are fully aware of PN’s pecuniary interest in wanting to stay in government but can’t it, at least, be discreet about it?

I suppose, for the desperate, seizing an opportunity that comes by your way and clinging to it by any means is justified. Shamelessly true!

I am looking forward to the day when politicians of integrity will take over the reins of government. Hopefully, very soon.


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