Happy Deepavalli! Glow in its lights!

This Deepavalli, don’t let the sorry state of Malay-majority-led politics dampen the festive spirit. Sure, we don’t get as much as others in the Budget. Sure our representatives in the Dewan Rakyat are not free to speak and vote on our behalf. Sure this current backdoor government has dismissed the mandate we gave the Pakatan Harapan to govern. Yes, the future looks bleak, but it need not be — for us!

Remember, whatever downward slide we may be heading towards is NOT our doing. That is entirely on the Prihatin Nasional government led by Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin. Remember, this government was formed solely to have access to funds to bolster up their political base in order to stay in government. So, they keep spoon-feeding their supporters but none of their policies so far indicate a strategy to enable their supporters to survive and develop without government support.

So, they will always be dependent on the government and never learn to fish. But, we can.

Yes, we don’t get much-needed government aid but we have US! Our history and traditions make us the individuals we are today and it is enough for us to move forward.

So, this Deepavalli, let the festive lights light up your soul to help you find the confidence to to carve out a path for success for yourself. The odds may be stacked up against you and aid may come in a trickle. Take whatever help you can get but don’t lose hope and walk around head low.

Enjoy the Festival of Lights. Be refreshed and strengthened and let its lights enable you to see alternatives and the resources within you to help you get ahead.  You will make it because I have confidence in US!

May the Deepavalli lights cast off the gloom and doom and shine on a bright future you can make on your own!

Happy, happy Deepavalli all!




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