Tidings of comfort …

… the past week excellently demonstrated the pathetic and dismal failure of the government to take care of its people. There was no evidence of disaster management in the face of an unexpected natural disaster. And no demonstration of remorse on the lack of governance. For that, we stand in solidarity with all those who suffered losses and distress caused by the sudden floods which took the lives of 41 people, nine in Taman Sri Muda, Shah Alam alone.

But, once again, the people have shown a remarkable spirit to help one another in the face of adversity. The way Malaysians rallied together to mobilize aid, resources, and food to the flood victims — while the government stood aside in paralysis — will become the stuff of legends!

We are truly a great people with a great capacity to help one another and for that we rejoice, and know for sure we will pass around good cheer!

and joy! Not only are Malaysians making a name for ourselves worldwide for our admirable ability to help one another, but we are also emerging as fearless voices seeking accountability from the clueless, hopeless, and hapless leaders (more on this after Christmas!). This is the good that has come out of this sad episode: Malaysians are speaking up — loudly and angrily — demanding explanations from their absent leaders.

This Christmas that is what I celebrate, being Malaysian, one of the 39 million, many of whom are beginning to assert their right to demand accountability from their leaders. I look forward to the new year when I hope to see their numbers rise and rise!

It is Christmas and I can hope! I have a reason to wish you all “good tidings of comfort and joy”!

Merry Christmas!


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