Azalina an example, not the rest

Umno MP Azalina Othman Said’s resignation as the special adviser to Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob was the right thing to do. She questioned the absence of his decision to change the Attorney-General publicly at her party’s special meeting. That isn’t what an employee would do to his/her boss. Azalina did it and faced the consequences.

The Pengerang MP must be commended for going without a fuss. Not only did she embarrass her boss, but she also undermined his authority. As a special adviser, she could have settled her differences privately which she didn’t do, and instead made a public statement that made her boss look bad. Resigning was the right thing to do and she did it without further ado.

This is how politicians should conduct themselves. Not remain in a coalition and create a ruckus for being badly treated as Azalina’s party, Umno, has done. Umno has demanded, intimidated and threatened as a partner in the Perikatan Nasional (PN) government but didn’t do the one thing it should have done if it really felt betrayed by Bersatu and PAS — resign.

If Umno is not happy to be in a coalition government with Bersatu and PAS and is disappointed with its vice president who is the prime minister, just resign. Why huff, stomp and create a cloud of hot air but remain in government?

If Umno or any of the other PN coalition partners resign, Sabri’s government will fall and a general election will be called. There would be no need to pressure Sabri for an early election.

The suspicion is that none of the PN partners will resign and trigger a general election because at the back of their minds they are aware they may not be able to form a majority without one of the other partners’ support!

So, they rather stay in government and create a lot of trouble as we have seen in the past two years but not collapse the government because they may need each other to form the next government. Instead, they put pressure on their prime minister to name the date of the general election and leave the option open to a continuing commitment with PN partners.

Contrary to what they say about themselves, this is the style of PN/Umno politicians: say one thing and do another!

Voters must judge according to the actions of the candidates standing for election. Listen to what they say but feel free to reject their candidature if their actions do not measure up!


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