Selamat Hari Raya

Drive safe, enjoy the long weekend, the good food and the good vibes from all the people you will be spending Hari Raya with. If you have a truly magnanimous spirit, pass some of the joy to those around you who don’t celebrate this feast.

It’s a good tradition that we Malaysians practise: Enjoying each other’s religious or cultural feasts with others. In recent times, however, fewer people practise it. It is one tradition that we should do our best not to let die a natural death at the home level by making an effort to include friends and neighbours and not just be content with national-level open houses, although that is good.

Not that we should do it all the time under compulsion. Sometimes we go on holiday, balik kampung or enjoy just family. At some other times, we should make it a practice to include others in our festivities, as well.

Such inclusiveness, of course, can not happen if we don’t build good relationships with colleagues and neighbours of other races.

So, folks, let this Raya be another good reason to become more Malaysian and others-inclusive!

Selamat Hari Raya, all!

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