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Happy Deepavali, folks!

May the light of Deepavali fill your celebrations with joy and good food! Prices have shot up and the economic future — like our political future — looks extremely uncertain if not actually bleak. But, for this long weekend, let’s forget about the harsh painful reality and believe that the light will break through!

So, folks, enjoy Deepavali, and may the refreshing break clear our minds and give a more insightful perspective of the options before us as we prepare to cast our votes in the general elections on Nov 19. There really is only one option: anything other than an Umno/BN-led government or any coalition government which includes Umno i.e. if you want a corruption-free government.

As Hindus celebrate the triumph of light over darkness, the rest can enjoy themselves with them and after that to be prepared for the heavy task before us to choose a corruption-free government.

Happy Deepavali! May light always triumph over darkness!